Where can I go to be loved?

Where can I go to be loved?

Atme ein paar Mal tief durch. Nimm wahr, wo du gerade bist.
Nutze den Moment und lausche diesem Gedicht.

I sit and wonder this silently,
alone in an empty house on a
quiet afternoon.
Outside the window, a tree waves.
“You look beautiful today,” I say,
and she, with birds in her orange hair,
replies to me, with tangles in mine,
“As do you, my dear, always.”
I light a candle, and it flickers its hello.
It is so full of joy to be here.
I can tell by the way it frolics,
like a child dancing for no reason but love.
And the sun peeks her face out from
behind cloud. They both smile at me,
those givers of life, and say “we are not
in competition, as one might have you believe,
but coconspirators with everything that grows.
(And do not forget! You too are a growing thing.)”
Beneath them, the hum of today’s traffic,
which carries souls wherever they’re going,
greets me in its passing, though it hurries.
“Good afternoon! Good afternoon to you!”
I recall my question now:
Where can I go to be loved?
Then I hear the tree and the candle
and the street and the sky respond,
as they always take the time to do:
“Anywhere, darling,
if you’re paying attention.”

von t.r.h.blue

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